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Pop-Up Parkour is a collaboration between Ascension Dance (Coventry) and Jump Parkour (Leicester), aiming to get more young people experiencing and participating in parkour/freerunning.

These workshops focus on learning techniques for climbing, jumping and vaulting under the supervision of qualified parkour coaches. 


This project was intially supported by the Positive Youth Foundation and The West Midlands Police. Ascension Dance Company is proudly a part of the Coventry Youth Partnership.

Jump, vault and roll in an exploration of parkour, freerunning and movement.


Interested in having Parkour at your event?

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Pop-Up Parkour can serve as an engaging activity for children and young people to experience parkour at corporate events, festivals or as part of a larger community delivery.


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Pop-Up Parkour: Parks


We are back and bringing parkour to you! 

In August 2021, we will be bringing parkour to 5 different outdoor settings in a bid to get young people trying a new sport, meeting new people and staying active.

In collaboration with Jump PK and the Go Parks created by Coventry City Council, we have 24 places available each day for young people aged 7 -11 to learn a new skill and get creative with how they look to express themselves through movement. 

Oh and to continue our goodwill, it's FREE

(Donation are welcome)

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Monday 23rd August

10AM - 4PM

Tuesday 24th August

10AM - 4PM

Wednesday 25th August

10AM - 4PM

Thursday 26th August

10AM - 4PM

Friday 27th August

10AM - 4PM

5 Days of Parkour in 5 different parks in Coventry

Young people getting bored during the summer holidays?

Get them signed up for 1 or more days of parkour.

Book your place via the form below now.