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"Supported Company" - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Not only is the Belgrade Theatre one of the most central theatres in Coventry, but over the years, it has had a central role in providing a platform for children and young people in Coventry as well as professionals from all art forms to host shows and demonstrate their talent. These shows have created memories in both the people participating as well as those viewing it, which has transcended time. It hosts a place of reminiscing, of wonder and awe and inspires activation. It's decorated in childhood laughter and joy and has the emotions of all those, young and old, contained within the walls and embedded into the fabric of each seat. It has seen new beginnings and hosted established names and now we, Ascension Dance, will be joining its legacy.

As young people and through to our professional adult careers, Ben and I have stepped onto a Belgrade stage, full of nerves and brimming with excitement about a work or piece of choreography that we have been rehearsing for weeks. Every time, we have been supported by the staff, the vital cogs that keep the theatre running, and met with the warmth of local Coventry faces, friends, family and strangers alike who have turned out to show their support.

Now, as directors of Ascension Dance Company, we are proud to see that support run through the Belgrade’s core as they continue to nurture and raise Coventry based organisations as we stumble and take baby steps in attempting to add to the Coventry artistic landscape.

We can’t say enough, how excited we are to announce that Ascension Dance Company will be supported by the Belgrade Theatre over the next 2 years to guide us to create new opportunities and artistic experiences for the people from all walks of life in Coventry.

In the distant future, we hope to be able to nurture a talent development project, just like the Belgrade’s, that guide people to fulfilling their artistic potential and help others to take the next steps in their ambitions.

Coventry raised us, so we could raise others from Coventry.

Ashley Jordan

Executive Director

Ascension Dance Company

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