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Ascension girls were made to soar...

Who are we?

EmpowHER, in affiliation with UK Youth and the British Red Cross, is a programme that aims to inspire young women and girls to lead change, building self-esteem and wellbeing within our communities.


As part of that, Project SOAR found its digital wings with the young women close to Ascension collectively creating an online platform that enables and supports females from all over the globe to connect, empower one another, express their identities and spread positivity far and wide.

Our identities
through movement

Lockdown has been a challenging period for everyone and has reminded us of the power of staying connected with others and of being kind to ourselves. So even whilst the world remained remote, we wanted to continue to work towards a positive social action that spreads positivity and hope, and in response, Project SOAR blossomed.

Step one was creating our individual Identity Passports. These highlight all of the things that identify us; what we love and are inspired by, who we are, what we do, and what makes us all unique. Additionally, spreading a personal message of hope that resonates with us individually and that we would like to encourage others to hear.  

Step two was translating our Identity Passports into Gestural Movement Phrases. Our love for dance inspired us to get creative and use the things that form our identities to make unique movement phrases all about ourselves. 


This is something that everyone can get involved in!


Project SOAR is all about empowerment, confidence, identity, and positivity!

Now we would like to invite you to take part in our two-step process and connect with us from wherever you are in the world and allow us to discover what makes you special and share your identity with us through movement. 


If you'd like to respond, please download the template and take a look at our Tips and Tricks to help you get started.

We hope you enjoy taking part.

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