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a minefield...

In an age where technology rules, there has never been more ways to communicate with people. There has never been more ways to make new friends or meet those with similar interests to you and yet, why does it feel like it getting harder and harder to find ‘the one’


Texts, whatsapps, snapchats, so many ways to talk or strike up a conversation with anybody situated anywhere in the world and yet ’the dating game’, finding that one person who gives you that warm feeling inside seems to be a task that many find hard to complete.


Meet Ben, who has left online dating at home and chosen the old fashioned method of putting yourself out there. From the first drink to the first date, has Ben found the true connection, a connection between two people that transcends all technology?

Following the beat of his heart, follow Ben's story as he looks for 'the one'.

Previous Performances

Footprint Dance Festival 2019, Roehampton

May 2019

Tilt Festival 2018

by RoguePlay Circus Theatre, Birmingham

 July 2018​

CCB Birmingham 2018​, Birmingham

 June 2018​

Motus Dance, You,Me:Dance 2018, Milton Keynes

June 2018

Follow Me Out Festival 2018, Coventry

May 2018

ReCharge Festival 2018 by DanceFest, Worcester

March 2018

Emerge Festival 2017, by C-12 Dance Theatre, London

 November 2017

Shoot Festival 2017, Coventry

 March 2017

Ascension Dance, Beat 2018 

Coventry, UK.

Photographer: Taryn Muller / Taryn Muller Photography.

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