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Inspire T-Shirt - Ascension Dance



The Ascension Dance "Inspire" T-shirt was created to celebrate the company's hometown, Coventry. Ascension was founded in 2017, with both founders being born and raised in Coventry. Celebrating the beloved city was always high on the company's agenda. We wanted to give Coventry and the young people a chance to experience the dance world and maybe... fall in love with it just like we did.


As a company, we always want to inspire people with our movement style. It felt like a simple step to merge our vision of influence with the recognizable spired city skyline.


The name “Inspire” felt natural, simple and clear.


Every day at Ascension is varied. Whether teaching, rehearsing, or attending a meeting, presentation is key. We wanted to create a top that was versatile, comfortable to move in, and smart enough for networking and advocating for the company. We wanted it to be a top you don't have to wear in the dance studio or train in but one you can wear daily. This means it's open to anyone purchasing the top. When it came to the design, we needed it to be clean and sharp, echoing our movement aesthetic and our vision for the company.


The logo took several attempts, but the three spires were an essential element. Working around this, we tried many styles and then came to the final design, which had the three triangles symbolizing the three spires and the link to Ascension dance with the initials of ADC. We settled on this slick, simplistic design, which we felt harnessed the core of our organization.


Be bold, Be inventive, be INSPIRING!!

The Frount.

Here is our final product of the Inspire T-Shirt. 

Test 2.png

The Back.


Back 2.png

The Logo 

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