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Not a fan of the camera? Use the link to submit a written response.

Submission Deadline:

Friday 9th October

My video file size is too big?

Click to link below to us WeTransfer instead of email

Video or Written

All submissions will remain confidential and use solely for Ascension Dance purposes. No videos or written submissions will be used publicly without Ascension being granted permission to do so. All rights to publication can be removed at any times by publication participant.

Nominate somebody for a chat

If you know somebody whom you think would benefit from a conversation but hasn't got the digital means of doing so, we would love to have a socially-distance chat with them in-person at there nearest convenience. 

This chat could be in a local park, over a cup of tea in a cafe or organised to be safely delivered at there home.

Nominate them using the button below.

Please get their permission before doing so.

For further information about 'in touch'.

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If you think you know somebody suffering from low mental health or mental ill-health, please contact a specialist or visit Mind UK  or Mental Health Matters for helpful resources for maintaining good mental health

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