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Cameron's Vertex Experience

I found out about Ascension Dance when I was at Highly Sprung. Ben was wearing the wrist band and I was really curious to find out more. He explained to me what the group was and what they do. I was so intrigued and I definitely wanted to join Vertex.

I enjoy the support from both Ben and AJ. They both explain things really well and if I don’t understand what to do, they both work with me until I do. They have a good sense of humour, are genuinely nice people and good to be around.

Ascension Dance has made me feel more confident, it has helped me to have a more positive outlook on life and has helped build a creative mindset. It has also provided a safe environment with clear boundaries to mix socially. I struggle with anxiety and Ascension has always encouraged me to overcome fear and participate in activities even when I feel overwhelmed. There are occasions when I feel like I have not got the stamina to participate, however, their continued support encourages me to try and at the end of each session I am always smiling and feel happier and energised.

During Lockdown it would have been easy to give up. I felt lonely and isolated and everything seemed futile. All my face-to-face activities stopped, and I struggled with having any motivation. Ascension did something incredible; they helped me to - literally - Ascend out of the confines of my bleakness. Ascension offered weekly dance and movement sessions, ‘Create It Share It’ challenges and then group social sessions. It was not just the activities that kept me motivated and focussed and gave each week structure; it was also the intent and purpose with genuine care from the Ascension team that made me feel involved and valued. This continued to drive me to be part of the Ascension family.

I have lots of fond memories working with AJ and Ben over the last few years. My favourite memory to date is when we were promoting City of Sport. It was at the end of a session and we were attempting to make an interesting position for the photograph to create a bold statement. I didn’t know what to do so Ben and AJ encouraged me to go with my instinct instead of overthinking it. I’m super proud of the photograph and it always reminds me that anything can be made into art and shared with others as a celebration.

I strongly recommend Ascension Dance; it is such a great company with great people. I would love to see the company grow more because they deserve to be part of Coventry’s future. Ascension are genuinely sincere about giving youths a chance to experience dance and movement within a creative and supportive environment. They offer fun, direction, and involvement to all who are part of each session. They have enhanced my life and have made me more able to face the challenges growing up in a world that is constantly changing.

Cameron Austin – Vertex Participant

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